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An “on-board” (with self-adhesive base) voltmeter can be mounted on a motorcycle, which continuously displays the voltage in the system during operation, so that the appropriate charge level can be constantly checked and monitored.

It is important to know, that you have to connect the on-board voltage meter to your motorcycle system which is only energized, when the ignition is on (otherwise the voltage meter may drain the battery in weeks)

Size: 3 x 2 x 1 cm

Length of the wire: 60 cm

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Connector set for wire ends, compatible with the original connectors of many Japanese motorcycles. Regardless, it can be used with any type of motor, by changing the connector on the motor side and the regulator rectifier side.
Contents of a connector kit:
- plastic connector housing (both male and female)
- brass male blade crimp terminal (M) and female spade crimp terminal (F)

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MZ ES / TS 6V / 12V electronic ignition board for 6V and 12V motorcycles.

The mechanical circuit breaker can be easily replaced with this part.

The ignition motherboard contains the power output stage, so there is no separate output stage module ("black box").

The ignition works on the principle of optoreflux, so the dynamic magnetic field of the dynamo does not interfere with stable operation.


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