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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 

Installation manual for one phase regulator rectifier

Single-phase regulator rectifier for generators with permanent magnet excitation

(work machines, mopeds, some motorcycles and motorboats)

Installation manual:

The installation must be carried out in a de-energized state (battery removed).

The charging circuit (B+) of the battery must be equipped with a fuse (approx. 20A) - if it is not originally included

A low charge (below 13.8V) can be caused by the improper condition of the charging network and connections (oxidized, softened connectors). In any case, it is advisable to detect and eliminate them, because a significant proportion of low-charge errors can be solved with this method (by improving the connections)

The pod of the heatsink is filled with synthetic resin, which makes the rectifier completely waterproof against rain and splashing water. However, in extreme cases, soaking cannot be avoided (e.g. being washed by steam pressure washer)

The voltage regulated by the regulator rectifier must be between 13.9 - 14.6V  (the regulator rectifier is set to 14.7V).

It is recommended to use an "on-board" voltage meter on the motorcycle to continuously check the charge.

IMPORTANT! Operation of the regulator rectifier without a battery is FORBIDDEN, because it will DAMAGE the regulator!


Connection is mandatory:

Color Function
Black body / grounding (31)
Grey end of phasecoils
Grey the other end of phasecoils
Thicker red constant current (B+)
Thinner red switched current (15)


Connection is optional:

Szín Funkció
Green control light on 15
Yellow or Purple* control light on 31

*the yellow or purple wire (which color was used depends on the serial of the production) can control the control lights of Japanese small tractors. If the single-phase rectifier was installed in a non-Japanese small tractor (e.g.: if the rectifier is connected into a motorcycle or moped), then the yellow or purple wire will be left out, it will not be connected (must be insulated).


The green wire can control the control lights of other vehicles (e.g.: Lombardini, Motoplat, Rotax). If it has not been installed in such a vehicle, then the wire is left out, it is not connected (must be insulated).

Connecting the two control lights together is FORBIDDEN, because it causes damage!

Either one or the other control lamp can only be connected.

Connecting the control lamp is optional, the regulator rectifier works perfectly without it (without connected control lamp).