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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 

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The following published articles and videos were published in Hungarian, but you can translate with google translate or subtitle the YouTube video.

04.08.2023 www.sportmotor.hu

"We've been ordering such MOSFET (...)regulator rectifiers for ten years. It's really telling that, out of more than a hundred (!) cases, there has been no charge fluctuation since then, i.e. we've had zero warranty problems with the regulator rectifier." - click on the link above for the full article

06.06.2022 www.hegylakok.hu

"The chance of overheating can be reduced with larger heat sinks, PC fans and other mischief, but it is better to replace the original regulator rectifier with a more efficient one that is less sensitive to heat load. Our article on motorcycles revealed that such a mistake has happened to every motorcycle, from the GSX-R to the Pan European. However, regardless of the type of motorcycle, the solution to the problem was always the same: the Solvart regulator rectifier.” click on the link above for the full article

17.07.2020 www.tesztmotor.hu

"The solution to this is the excellent products of the Hungarian SOLVART Kft. These can be even better than the original parts, since these rectifiers are based on MOSFET technology do not heat up at all. That is why the electrical system (also in the case of motorcycles, quads, jet skis, snowmobiles) can operate stably." - click on the link above for the full article


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