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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 

For wholesaler / mechanic

If you are interested in our product as a mechanic or wholesaler, then click here for registration.


Registration approval is not automatic; we will approve your user account within a few hours. If you want to contact us before registering or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the contact details below: info@rectifier.eu

Why choose us as a mechanic or wholesaler:

- The most compelling advantage of our universal regulator, is that is allows you to service every motorcycle equipped with a three-phase generator. You only need to stock only a few regulator rectifiers. No waiting for customers to order and receive the regulator. There's no need to keep stock or manage inventory hundreds of rectifiers for 6-8 different motorcycle brands, 20-30 models in your store or webshop.

Choosing our quality and reliable products is a great decision because with the durability of our regulator rectifiers, you can ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

- We offer immediate discounts based on the quantity ordered.

- We deliver directly from stock, immediately. We don't dropship products from China, so there's no waiting 5-8-15 days for us to source it for you. Our own products are always in stock.

- If needed, we can provide detailed technical assistance via email regarding installation. 

- Upon request, for an additional fee, we can also provide connectors (specifically for wholesalers).