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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 


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+ 1. What kind of regulator rectifier do I need for my motorcycle?

+ 2. What makes your regulator rectifier universal? Regulator rectifiers are sold separately on Ebay for each brand / type.

+ 3. What does the MOSFET stand for in case of regulator rectifiers?

+ 4. „How much” better is an IC-controlled MOSFET rectifier than a "normal" MOSFET controller?

+ 5. The regulator rectifier is heating up. Isn't that a problem?

+ 6. Oxidized connector (plug-in) terminals can also cause a voltage drop. How can I check the connectors (plug-in)?

+ 7. I accidentally bought a 7-wires regulator rectifier, even though the motorcycle is 5-wires.

+ 8. My previous regulator rectifier was connected to the motorcycle with 6 or 8 wires. What should I do now?

+ 9. My previous regulator rectifier was connected to the motorcycle with 4 wires. What do I do now?

+ 10 Why the regulator rectifiers you sell are not equipped with connector (plug-in kit) in by default?

+ 11. What is the performance of the regulator rectifier?

+ 12. The regulator rectifier is also good for scooters?

+ 13. I made a measurement on your regulator rectifier with a multimeter and I know that similar voltage values should be measured on both branches (on positive and negative wire), but this did not happen with your regulator rectifier. I measured 0.08-0.1V for the positive (red) and 0.4-0.5V for the negative (green). Why?