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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 


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+ 1. What kind of regulator rectifier do I need for my motorcycle?

+ 2. What makes your regulator rectifier universal? Regulator rectifiers are sold separately on Ebay for each brand / type.

+ 3. What does the MOSFET stand for in case of regulator rectifiers?

+ 4. „How much” better is an IC-controlled MOSFET rectifier than a "normal" MOSFET controller?

+ 5. The regulator rectifier is heating up. Isn't that a problem?

+ 6. Oxidized connector (plug-in) terminals can also cause a voltage drop. How can I check the connectors (plug-in)?

+ 7. I accidentally bought a 7-wires regulator rectifier, even though the motorcycle is 5-wires.

+ 8. My previous regulator rectifier was connected to the motorcycle with 6 or 8 wires. What should I do now?

+ 9. My previous regulator rectifier was connected to the motorcycle with 4 wires. What do I do now?

+ 10 Why the regulator rectifiers you sell are not equipped with connector (plug-in kit) in by default?

+ 11. What is the performance of the regulator rectifier?

+ 12. The regulator rectifier is also good for scooters?

+ 13. Are there any limitations regarding the battery?

+ 14. Is there any limitation regarding generators/alternators?

+ 15. Will your rectifier fit in terms of size/mounting hole distance?

+ 16. My charging is not stable. Depending on the RPM, sometimes my charging voltage is above 14V (which is adequate), and other times it is below 14V (indicating undercharging). What could be the cause?