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Our story

We started our activity in the early 90s in Hungary. The product structure was constantly changing. We first produced electronic regulator rectifier for old socialist cars (Lada, Dacia, Skoda, Trabant, Wartburg).

Used "western" cars appeared, whose electronic built-in rectifiers were repaired and renewed by installing our own electronics.

We made our first classic thyristor regulator rectifiers for motorcycles in the mid-1990s. The product was able to technically fully serve the motorcycles of that time - equipped with lower power generators.

There war a need to repair the ignition electronics of Trabant and Wartburg cars, which are still significant in the country at that time, and to "replace" the circuit breaker with an electronic solution. At the same time, there was also a need to replace the circuit breaker ignition of former East Germany motorcycles, so developments were made in this direction as well (MZ-ETZ ignition motherboard operating on the opto-reflection principle).

We received more and more positive feedback from customers. There were customers who were specifically looking for the "Mecseki ignition" because they had already heard from others that they were satisfied with it. Our products were also referred to as a kind of "brand" on the Hungarian market.

That is why in 2003 we decided to continue our activities as a company. We founded Solvart Kft., which showed a more serious appearance to our suppliers and customers.

We developed our motorcycle regulator rectifiers in the early 2000s. In order to reduce voltage loss (warming), the diodes were replaced with Schottky diodes.

The product structure shifted more and more towards regulator rectifiers.

More and more Hungarian wholesalers and motorcycle services have appeared among our customers, and we were already in contact with several German webshops.

The evolution of the heatsink over the years

The continuous development of our regulator rectifiers can also be noticed on the heatsink. The rectifiers were initially built into a "shell-like" heatsink, which was available as a standard heatsink at that time. The "small-scale" design was also strongly visible due to the grooves that were milled afterwards.


That's why we decided to buy empty heatsink prepared designated for the regulator rectifier from abroad. It is true that the procurement process is much longer and more complicated due to the production and delivery time, but we are 100% satisfied with the heatsinks. The pod of the heatsink was poured with synthetic resin and the completed regulator rectifier thus became completely waterproof.


Around 2010, the first prototypes of our regulator rectifier with MOSFET technology were completed. In addition thanks to the feedback, we have redesigned the board of the regulator rectifier several times, to make the structure of the printed circuit is ideal.

The MOSFET technology has become so stable and reliable that we have stopped manufacturing three-phase regulators with thyristor. Due to the completely different operating principle, the thyristor technology (series control) remained in the case of single- and two-phase regulator rectifiers.

Keeping up with the demand for the product, we automated the production, replaced the printed circuits with the most modern insulated metal substrates and the parts are implanted by robots.

In 2020, we completed our latest product development: Focusing specifically on high-performance (with 400-500W generator) motorcycles, we have developed a regulator rectifier that works with a IC control.

Finally, in the summer of 2020, we launched our webshop. The turnover of this in 2021 - i.e. the first full year after launch - was 9,200 unique visitors per year.

In the past two years, we have sold our products to 87 mechanic and wholesaler.

Thank you for reading our story and for your interest in our product. Feel free to contact us with any questions.