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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 


For Aprilia Pegaso 650 and BMW F650, connecting the Solvart regulator rectifier is a bit more complicated, however it is perfectly good for those types, which is proven by the fact that we sold more than 24 rectifiers* for these two types in the year 2022 and 2023.

In this article, we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of different sources where from you can buy your regulator rectifiers. Before purchasing, this article gives you a complete and complex picture of your options so you can make the best choice for your situation.

Are you ready to dive into the complex world of motorcycle maintenance? We show some tips how to approach it's electrical system!

Our three-phase regulator rectifiers are also available with controller IC technology. This further reduces the loss produced in the voltage regulator (i.e. the rectifier emits less heat) by special control of the MOSFET transistors.


"Why do the regulator rectifiers manufactured by you not have a connector by default?" -is a question you often ask

Our single- and two-phase rectifiers operate with series „open” type regulation, while our three-phase rectifiers work with shunt regulation. We will try to summarize the difference between the two regulations in the following blog article.

Our Solvart regulator rectifier is compatible with nearly every Suzuki motorcycle. The only requirement for compatibility is that the motorcycle has a three-phase generator, which you can easily check even as a layperson.