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"Expert in regulator rectifiers" 


Waterproof, dustproof.

Adhesive digital voltmeter (voltage meter), with green LED display

Measuring range: approx 9-16 V (outside of this, it flashes)

Parameters: 6 x 3 x 2 cm

If you are looking for a smaller voltage meter due to lack of space, then take a look at our other product.


Wire length: 90 cm

Important: connect the voltmeter to a place on the motorcycle where there is voltage only when the ignition is switched on, otherwise the voltage display will drain the battery within weeks (e.g. winter). However, it is good to know that the charging voltage measured on the ignition-switched wire is slightly lower than the actual, real charging (compared to the battery)!

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Connector set for wire ends, compatible with the original connectors of many Japanese motorcycles. Regardless, it can be used with any type of motor, by changing the connector on the motor side and the regulator rectifier side.

Contents of a connector kit:
- plastic connector housing (both male and female)
- brass male blade crimp terminal (M) and female spade crimp terminal (F)


You can select the desired pin number for the connector next to the add to cart button!

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