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Installation manual for two phase regulator rectifier

Installation manual:

The terminals of the regulator rectifier must be equipped with sliding contact matching the system of the machine or motorcycle. The ends must be shrink tubed or wrapped with insulating tape, because the constriction may result in the failure of the rectifier. 

The charging circuit (B+) of the battery must be equipped with a fuse (approx. 20A) - if it is not originally included.

The installation must be carried out in a de-energized state (battery removed).

IMPORTANT! Operation of the regulator rectifier without a battery is FORBIDDEN, because it will DAMAGE the regulator!

Connection is mandatory:

Color Function
Black body / grounding (31)
Grey end of phasecoils
Grey the other end of phasecoils
Orange generator star point terminal (R, MP)
Thicker red B+ (constant current)
Thinner red switched current (15, C )

Connection is optional:

Color Function
Thin green control light on 15