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Universal dynamo regulator 6V

Universal dynamo regulator 6V
Universal dynamo regulator 6V
Universal dynamo regulator 6V

MZ ES/TS universal dynamo voltage regulator 6V can only be used to negative grounding motorcycle, for example:

- Jawa Czetka 

- MZ (ET/TS)


- Ural



By definition, only one of outputs DF(-) or DF(+) is used in a given case (depending on whether the system has negative or positive regulation). Incorrect connection will damage the regulator.

The regulator works on a 6-volt (6V) system. The regulator is set to 7.2V. This value can be fine-tuned with the trimmer potentiometer next to the terminal.

The terminal can accept a maximum of 2.5 mm2 twisted (blank) wire. If it is difficult to plug in a 2.5 mm2 wire, it is easier to plug in the elementary wires (the blanked wire) by slightly twisting them (to make them cohesive). If plugging in still fails, 4-5 basic strands can be removed with pliers to make plugging in easier.

Outputs of the regulator:

D+ / 61 dynamo armature output
B+ battery +6V
D- negative
DF(-)  excitation for a negative regulation system
DF(+) excitation for a positive regulation system


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Varga Dávid
We have tried a lot of other regulators before this and all had problems. This one on the other hand works perfectly, the best product out there for these old motorcycles! - Bought it for a MZ TS 125 6v