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Single-phase voltage regulator
Single-phase regulator rectifier

Single-phase regulator rectifier

Single-phase voltage regulator
Single-phase voltage regulator
Single-phase voltage regulator

Our single-phase thyristor regulator rectifiers can be used for mopeds (eg Aixam, Ligier, Lombardini), Japanese compact tractors (eg Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki), motorcycles (single-phase only !!) or other machines (eg diesel road rollers, rammer towed compressors, tar mixers, etc.).

Regulator rectifier wires are free, without plug-in, we recommend soldering the wires. If you insist on it, you can find plug-in kits in the "Other Products" category.

The wires are approximately 25 cm long.


The regulator rectifier is equipped with the following wires:

  • 1 black – body / grounding (31)
  • 2 gray – two ends of phase coils
  • 1 thicker red – constant current (B +)
  • 1 thinner red – switched current
  • 1 green – control light on 15
  • 1 yellow – control lamp on 31 (optional)

The technical parameters of the regulator rectifier:

  • Size: 90 x 78 x 28 mm
  • Mounting distance: min: 66 mm, max 69 mm
  • Length of the wire: kb. 25 cm
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